Image Guided Therapy

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Hybrid OR’s are changing inpatient care by increasing room utilization and surgeon efficiencies. Domico Med-Device has developed a variety of products that are compatible with Phillips, Canon, and Siemens devices to help increase the amount of procedures a surgical suite can perform.

We work collaboratively with clinicians to produce patient positioning solutions designed to safeguard patients and clinicians alike.

Designed to properly position the patient for optimal image quality and to reduce the risk of patient injury, accessories are available in a variety of materials, with or without covers or coatings, and designed to fit your needs. Browse our product line of interventional and cardiac catheterization lab products including: 

Pads - achieve comfortable stability

Armboards - safely securing the patient

Wideners/Adaptors - expanding the utilization of your lab

Rails/Accessories - get the right attachments

Positioning devices - ensure repeatable placement

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