Image Guided Therapy

Image Guided Therapy Devices from Domico Med-Device

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, the integration of image-guided therapy (IGT) products is revolutionizing patient care. At Domico Med-Device, we take pride in our commitment to advancing medical technology to enhance procedural efficiency, optimize patient positioning, and improve overall outcomes. 

Image Guided Therapy Product Integrations for Phillips, Canon, Siemens

With a focus on compatibility and versatility, our range of products is designed to seamlessly integrate with leading imaging systems from Phillips, Canon, Siemens, and more, empowering clinicians to perform a diverse array of procedures with confidence and precision.

With a comprehensive product line encompassing interventional and cardiac catheterization lab solutions, Domico Med-Device offers a diverse array of accessories designed to optimize procedural outcomes. Our range includes:


Engineered to provide optimal patient comfort and stability during procedures, our pads are crafted from high-quality materials and are available with optional covers or coatings to suit specific clinical requirements.


Designed for safe and secure patient immobilization, our armboards offer customizable positioning options to accommodate a variety of procedural needs while minimizing the risk of patient injury.


Expand the capabilities of your lab with our wideners and adaptors, allowing for seamless integration of additional equipment and accessories to enhance procedural versatility.


Ensure optimal positioning and functionality with our range of rails and accessories, designed to accommodate a variety of attachments and imaging devices for maximum flexibility.

Positioning Devices:

Achieve repeatable and precise patient placement with our innovative positioning devices, facilitating consistency and accuracy throughout the procedure.


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