Specialty Procedure Items

Designed Specifically for Specialty Procedures

Domico Med-Device’s cutting-edge specialty procedure items are designed to elevate the standards of healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes. The items in this collection are designed specifically for a procedure to improve patient comfort and streamline the process for the healthcare professional.

A Range of Products for a Range of Procedures

We offer a variety of different products all designed for specific procedures. These products range from simple straps to X-ray cassette holders. Explore our wide variety of specialty procedure items created to optimize your healthcare delivery. Our offerings include:


We offer different straps for different use cases. We have low-profile straps that can be cut to length, nylon restraint belts designed to prevent falls from wheelchairs or tables, and straps designed for cervical vertebrae imaging.

Cassette Holders:

We offer a Weight-Bearing Cassette Holder for longitudinal arch and lateral projection studies, and a Decubitus Block with a Film Cassette holder designed for spinal imaging.


Designed to position the arms of a patient while lying on a table, our armboards offer customizable positioning options to accommodate a variety of procedural needs. These armboards are available in both carbon fiber and ABS plastic and with different mounting styles.

Leg Positioners:

We offer solutions for lower extremity procedures such as bilateral varus stress radiographs and lower extremity CT scans.

Endovaginal Wedge for Ultrasound:

Comfortable positioning foam wedge designed for vaginal ultrasounds. The cutout in the wedge allows for easier transducer access into the vaginal canal.

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