Operating Room

Excellence in Every Incision

Whether it’s a minor procedure or a major surgery, your patients and staff deserve top-of-the-line equipment to ensure exceptional care and outcomes. Domico Med-Device’s surgical equipment is trusted by some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, from emergency rooms to cardiologists, anesthesiologists, oncologists, and obstetricians. Our cutting-edge medical devices not only enhance efficiency and precision in the operating room but also prioritize patient comfort.

Elevating Patient Care with Premier Surgical Equipment

Domico Med-Device’s surgical equipment ranges from table pads to sterile drapes. Explore our collection of innovative surgical equipment and improve the efficiency and safety of your operating room today. Our surgical equipment targets the following problems:

Operating Room Cord Chaos:

Lack of proper cord management can be costly. Tools falling to the ground and needing to be replaced can quickly become an incredibly costly issue. Metal clips can be more of a nuisance than a solution because they can easily tear patient drapes and compromise sterility. We offer a solution to effectively manage cords, hold tools, and maintain sterility called the Cord Management Drape™.

Arm Positioning:

It can be difficult to perform surgery on a patient’s arm, shoulder, hand, or wrist if not positioned properly. Domico Med-Device offers various carbon fiber armboards with various mounting styles to ensure proper patient positioning during surgery and allow easy access to the entire extremity.

Operating Room Table Pads:

High-quality table pads like ours distribute patients’ weight evenly to prevent pressure sores and ensure proper positioning while maintaining infection control and high durability.

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