CT Products

A Collection of CT System Accessories to Suit Your Needs

At Domico Med-Device, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories tailored for use with CT systems. From table pads to straps and restraints, each of these CT procedure table accessories has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly complement the design of CT tables, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency during procedures.

Designed with your Machine and Patients in Mind

We offer a wide variety of products designed to fit both your CT table and your patients. We offer a wide variety of accessories for the Canon Aquilion CT Machine, in addition to several products designed for use in any CT machine. Some highlights include:

Head and Neck Positioning:

We offer a variety of devices to assist in positioning a patient’s head and neck including head holders, lift pads, straps, wedges, and discs.

Table Pads:

Explore our different table pad options designed with patient comfort and provider convenience in mind. Relieve patient pressure points, create a workspace, and improve contamination control with our closed-cell foam, durable, and fluid-resistant table pads designed specifically for CT scans.

Leg Positioners:

For your lower extremity positioning needs, we offer a variety of wedges, leg rests, and restraint devices designed to enable imaging of the legs and feet.


Choose from a variety of nylon straps for different needs. Our straps help to keep patients safe while reducing movement during scans allowing providers to get a clearer picture in fewer scan attempts.

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