Table Pads

Premium Medical Foam Table Pads for Various Procedures

A top-notch table pad is necessary to ensure an ideal work environment and a comfortable experience for patients. Domico Med-Device offers a wide range of foam table pads designed for various procedures. Our pads are trusted in state-of-the-art emergency rooms, maternity wards, surgical centers, and private clinics. We offer a diverse range of sizes to perfectly accommodate today’s most popular table models like the Philips AD7 Neurology tabletop, Siemens Uroskop urology table, and various Canon Angiography tables.

Standard Table Pads - Crafted for Cleanliness, Comfort, and Compatibility

In addition to pads designed for specific tables, we also offer standard table pads designed for maximum versatility. We offer our standard table pads in a variety of finishes to ensure the pad suits you and your patients’ needs.

Uncovered Open-Cell Foam:

Ideal for applications where fluids will not come into contact with the pad such as diagnostic imaging. Open-cell foam is also an excellent choice for situations in which patients must remain lying down for extended periods of time.

Vinyl-Covered Open-Cell Foam:

Open-cell foam table pads with a clear vinyl cover. Ideal for situations in which table pads may come into contact with fluids and must be cleaned.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl-Covered Open-Cell Foam:

For situations that require a lot of durability, the heavy-duty vinyl cover is your best option. The thickness of the cover reduces the potential for tearing and the potential of fluids getting inside the cover.

Premium Table Pads:

Designed specifically for imaging, these pads feature a crosshair to ensure patients are properly centered.

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