Cord Management Drape™ - Part 6000

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Cord Management Drape™


Product Highlights:

  • Eliminates cord chaos in the operating room
  • Efficient flow and function of cords during surgery
  • Open and close system for easy access to cords
  • Long pocket to secure Bovie/apparatuses
  • Strong adhesion to drape/mayo
  • Impervious material to safeguard against contamination
  • Standardizes set up and tear down for increased efficiency 
  • Separate disposable cords and non disposable cords for easy clean up
  • Eliminates the use of metal clamps
  • Reduces risk of sterile apparatus replacement during procedure
  • Shortens OR time
  • Reduces OR costs

Product Details:

Part Dims: 4” W x 18" L 

Packaging: 50 EA / Box 
Sterile: Y        
Latex Free: Y        
Single Use: Y

Returnable: Return Policy Applies

Business Model: Cord Management Drape Business Model

Instructions For Use: Cord Management Drape Instructional Video

Promotional Video: Cord Management Drape Promotional Video


More About This Product:

Introducing the Surgical Cord Management System, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline surgical procedures and enhance efficiency in the operating room. Here's what sets it apart:

Efficient Cord Flow: Ensures smooth and organized movement of cords during surgery, minimizing tangling and obstruction.

Open and Close System: Features a user-friendly design allowing easy access to cords, facilitating quick adjustments as needed without disrupting the surgical process.

Long Pocket for Secure Storage: Equipped with a spacious pocket to securely hold Bovie devices and other surgical apparatuses, keeping them within reach and organized throughout the procedure.

Strong Adhesion: Adheres firmly to drapes and mayo stands, providing stability and reliability during surgery while minimizing the risk of displacement.

Impervious Material: Constructed from durable, impervious material to safeguard against contamination, maintaining a sterile environment throughout the surgical procedure.

Standardized Setup and Tear Down: Promotes consistency and efficiency by standardizing the setup and tear down process, optimizing workflow in the operating room.

Elimination of Metal Clamps: Eliminates the need for metal clamps, reducing clutter and simplifying the surgical setup while ensuring a sterile environment.
Reduced Risk of Sterile Apparatus Replacement: Minimizes the risk of replacing sterile apparatuses during the procedure, enhancing patient safety and reducing interruptions.

Shortened OR Time: Enhances efficiency and productivity by shortening operating room time, allowing surgical teams to focus more on patient care and less on setup and logistics.

Reduces OR Costs: By improving efficiency and reducing the need for replacement apparatuses, the Surgical Cord Management System helps to lower overall operating room costs, making it a cost-effective solution for surgical facilities. Learn more about reducing cost with cord management.


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- Arthoscopy, ENT, General, Gyn-URO, Ortho, Podiatry

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