Head-Ends - Part 303

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Product Highlights:

  • The Head-Ends are a unique skull immobilization solution that uses weights attached to vinyl-covered foam pads.
  • Weights have non-skid rubber pads on the bottom to prevent movement.
  • Foam pads apply pressure to the patient’s skull, keeping them in place while remaining comfortable.
  • Vinyl cover ensures cleanability and durability.
  • Latex Free
  • Reusable

Choose between a variety of finish options:
-Ultrafoam construction for firm support during positioning applications ("-UF" items)


Product Details:

Packaging: 1 Pair
Substrate: Open cell foam (Except "-UF" items are made of closed cell foam)
Product Dimensions: 7"H x 10"W x 20"L
Sterile: N        
Latex Free: Y        
Single Use: N    

Returnable: Return Policy Applies

Cleaning Guide: Cleaning Guide Recommendations

If item is not in stock at time of order, lead time is 4 - 5 weeks.


More About This Product:

Domico Med Device’s Head-Ends are an innovative skull immobilization solution that combines functionality and comfort. Utilizing weights attached to vinyl-covered foam pads, they ensure the patient's head remains securely in place. The weights feature non-skid rubber pads on the bottom to prevent unwanted movement during procedures. The foam pads gently apply pressure to the patient's skull, maintaining stability while ensuring comfort. The durable vinyl cover allows for easy cleaning, promoting hygiene and long-term use. Additionally, the Head-Ends are latex-free and reusable, making them a practical and safe choice for repeated use in medical settings.


- General Positioning

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