MedVac Immobilizer

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MedVac Immobilizer


Product Highlights:

  • Effectively reduces the amount of motion during MRI scans, decreasing the need for repeat scans
  • Eliminates the need for sedation and provides comfort for patients
  • Chamber system allows for quick and easy application
  • MRI Safe as defined by FDA Consensus Standard ASTM F-2503-13
  • Ensures high-quality imaging results

Product Details:

The Med-vac Immobilizer is available for both pediatric and children up to 4 years old.

  • VMR33PUBB - Pediatric (Newborn to 1 year old)
  • VMR38X01 - Child (1 year to 4 years old)

*Please note: in-room wall suction or a MedVac Immobilizer Hand Pump, part #27625 (sold separately) will be needed to vacuum out the air and make the part become rigid around the patient.

Packaging: 1 EA 
Substrate: Heavy Duty Vinyl
Sterile: N        
Latex Free: Y        
Single Use: N

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Instructions For Use: Instructions For Use

If item is not in stock at time of order, lead time is 4 - 5 weeks.


More About This Product:

Domico Med-Device’s Med-Vac Immobilizer is a reliable solution designed to securely fasten around pediatric and child patients reducing the amount of motion during MRI, CT or X-Ray imaging and decreasing the number of repeat scans. Using our pediatric immobilization device eliminates the need for sedation during the most sensitive stages of pediatric development.

The air-tight vacuum bag is filled with evenly distributed beads which helps secure the infant without exerting pressure. The chamber system allows for quick and easy application and a quality image.

Benefits: The chamber system facilitates swift and effortless application. Certified "MRI Safe" according to FDA Consensus Standard ASTM F-2503-13. 

Directions For Use: wrap the vacuum bag around the patient, secure the straps, connect to a pump, and evacuate the air. The bag molds gently around the newborn, ensuring immobilization without discomfort. Upon completion, release the valve to allow the bag to refill with air, then unfasten the straps. In-room vacuum pumps are available, or a manual pump can be purchased separately.


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