Shoulder Support - Part 439

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Shoulder Support 


Product Highlights:

  • Shoulder supports provide comfort for patients during scans where they must extend their arms out of the field of view of the scanner while laying supine.
  • Open cell foam substrate ensures support while providing comfort for the patient.
  • Available with ScanCoat®, a sprayed coating that improves the cleanability and durability of the product, while ensuring complete radiolucency. Allowing you to get a clear scan with fewer rescans needed.
    • Covered items (-8, -20, or -SCB) are not recommended for low KVP techniques as the edges/seams may show.
  • Latex Free
  • Reusable


Product Details:

Choose between a variety of finish options: 
-Flexible ScanCoat vinyl coating for imaging compatibility, cleanability, and contamination control ("-SCB" item)

*Please note: Covered items (-8, -20 or -SCB) are not recommended for low KVP techniques as the edges/seams may show. Items composed of Ultrafoam (-UF) that have a height higher than 3 inches will have a glue seam that may attenuate.

Packaging: 1 EA 
Substrate: Open cell foam 
Product Dimensions: 10.3"H x 19"W x 14.6"L

Sterile: N        
Latex Free: Y        
Single Use: N

Returnable: Return Policy Applies

Cleaning Guide: Cleaning Guide Recommendations

If item is not in stock at time of order, lead time is 2 - 3 weeks.


More About This Product:

The Domico Med-Device Shoulder Support is a great solution for providing much-needed comfort for patients lying supine with their arms outstretched during a scan. Constructed with an open cell foam substrate, it ensures optimal support and comfort for the patient. Additionally, the support can be coated with ScanCoat®, a sprayed coating that significantly improves cleanability and durability while maintaining complete radiolucency. The support is latex-free and reusable, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution for medical facilities.



- Nuclear Medicine

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