Coronal Head Holder - Part 9025

Coronal Head Holder - Part 9025

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Product Highlights:

  • This product is designed to hold the patient’s head facing forward. The forehead and chin pads promote comfort during this experience, and the clear acrylic allows the patient to look around during their scan.
  • The open edges of the product allow for easy breathing for the patient while making alignment in the scanner easier for providers allowing for more accurate images for the healthcare professional.
  • The foam is coated with ScanCoat, a sprayed coating that does not have seams and is radiolucent, allowing you to get a clear image with fewer rescans needed.
  • Latex Free
  • Reusable
  • Radiolucent

Product Details:

Packaging: 1 EA   
Substrate: Acrylic
Product Dimensions: Universal Fit
Sterile: N        
Latex Free: Y        
Single Use: N

Returnable: Return Policy Applies

If item is not in stock at time of order, lead time is 5 - 6 weeks.


More About This Product:

Domico Med-Device's Coronal Head Holder was with both patients and healthcare providers in mind. Not only do the foam pads, open sides, and clear acrylic ensure comfort, breathability, and peripheral vision for the patient, but also ensure easier scans for the healthcare provider. This is because of the open edges which allow for easier alignment with the scanner and the ScanCoat coating on the foam which is radiolucent. This product improves the experience greatly for both patients and healthcare professionals, making it the perfect addition to your imaging suite. 


- CT Scan

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